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Sydney Australia 2012

It’s my 2nd visit to Sydney Australia, the first thing I noticed was how COLD it was, it dawned upon me that Winter has come! I didn’t really prepare any winter wear so I was worried that I cannot take it, as crazy as it sounds; I really like how Hot it is in Singapore!  Thank God Susanna’s dad, uncle Ronald passed me some winter clothing. it was really a blessing to see her again! I enjoyed visiting several interesting land marks with her. We went to Blue Mountains and the 3 Sisters. It was REALLY formed in the shape of a woman, but like what I said, it was really COLD!

This time, I wasn’t as amazed as I was in 2010, perhaps Singapore is progressing so fast that what ever they have, we already have it. Example, in 2010, I was quite intrigued by their self-scanning and payment device, when you purchase something from their Super markets, you can use this machine and scan it to make payment. You don’t even have to approach the cashier, you’ll just use the machine! But now, the super markets in Plaza Sing or Orchard already have it haha, but I think it isn’t used to it’s full potential, Singaporeans still prefer the old method of payment.

One thing that still appeals to me is Australia’s food. A typical meal I consume will give me 40-50Gs of Protein! I’m not a Carbohydrate person hehe! I prefer meat, vegetables and lots of Protein!

One phenomenon I noticed was that time seem to pass very quickly in Australia; that is because it turns dark at 5PM, so my brain perceives it as a day has ended. I think it makes me lazy! =P

I think Australian culture can either make you a lazy bum or give you opportunities to progress significantly, a lot of China and Indian Migrants made use of the system to go very far. Speaking of which, I found out that a lot of Indians migrate to Australia and China people like to migrate to Singapore! But they are all doing quite al-right, even those that cannot study can  earn $15-25 an Hour as a waiter or any blue collar worker.

Again, their political and financial systems are very different. Quite interesting but it certainly won’t work as well in Singapore. They are HUGE, they can afford it. They have something call Minimum Wagers, which dictates how much an employer must pay. I recall watching the news months ago and they was discussing if this approach should be taken in Singapore, I don’t know if it should be implemented, but fortunately it’s not up to me to decide =P! Minimum Wage can make a student like me very wealthy(or at least in our context), my friend works 1 day a week for 8hrs (which is 32 per month) at earns $600!

Blue collar jobs are already $14, and if they can’t get any jobs, they get to claim $1000 a month! To me, being a Singaporean (as in how I was brought up), that may seem to cultivate a sense of laziness, of course I’m not firing arrows at those who really needs it, like those who are paralysed, sick or really can’t find any suitable job. I mean, people may cheat the system.

Taxation is high here, but still, the final gross income should be able to provide a comfortable lifestyle. An Engineer will probably earn 4500 a month, after taxes it will be around 3500-3800 left. The good thing is Cars are cheap here, though rental  is expensive. I find the drivers are really nice, they will allow you to cross the road and people move to the side when the trains arrive.

Perhaps it’s the culture, people are brought up with a different emphasis. I asked God why Singapore is so fast paced and we are all trying to get a good degree and jobs. God showed me that it was because when SG and Malaysia “broke apart”, LKY and GKS needed to quickly build a nation. And they needed a lot of White Collar workers, those highly skilled ones like Doctors, Engineers and Bankers were part of  the formula. In so, the system and culture were modelled differently.

But one thing I know is this, SINGAPOREANS will trash people from other countries in terms of Academia haha! With the exception of China and India lol! Most of the scholars and top scorers in Unis at Australia seem to Singaporeans,Chinese and Indians!

OK anyway, I have to go to the gym now, I will study both Australia and Singapore to see what works and what can’t……

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Woah I can’t believe that it’s only 8 more weeks to ORD! I got a feeling that I won’t really feel the euphoria when I get my Pink IC, it will be:”Oh I orded, cool!”. But this NS experience was meaningful to me, and oh well, we have to come to a consensus that since ALL able bodied Singaporean Men have to serve National Service, it’s boils down to what you have done and learned out of this Journey. Sure, many may say 1 year 10 months is too long but if a 100k men are doing the same, there is no excuse, stop complaining! Time to move on and learn =)!

But, my journey is coming to an end, my marathon is approaching it’s end mark! I can’t believe that my new sheep will start BMT when I ORD, looks like the RECORD (REC, ORD) theory is true! XD! I find that God is putting a lot of “artsy” guys in my LG! Many of them can draw, take good pictures with their high tech gizmos and they can sing! Multi-talented Bravo team! I’ve also been tasked with playing the guitar and teaching; I’ve only done 3 lessons so far and Sunday will be the 4th one! =)

I discovered many different styles of teaching, and I’ve asked my sheep to pray that I can have the ability to teach well, though I doubt that I have that gift hahaha! Anyways I’ve found a particular “style” which I like to use, here’s a couple of them.

1) The “what you ought to do” method: I find that traditional churches, especially my old one, likes to use this way to bring out their message. This style speaks for itself, do note that I’m not criticizing or claiming which style is better, it depends on various variables. Moses spoke to his people about the 10 commandments and taught them how to keep it. Jesus told the rich man to sell all he has and follow Him. Basically you teach what should be done.

2) The “Pragmatic” method: My favorite! I take examples either from the bible, my life or even other people’s life to bring out certain key applicable points. E.g you learn that 80 percent of robberies are in dark allies, so you if you wanna avoid being mugged; you avoid dark allies. I think God gave me MANY MANY MANY interesting experiences in life so that I can share! Where else can you find a guy who took 10 maxolon pills by accident and still be alive to share about it =)!

3) The “Spiritual/Prophetic” method : This method comes directly from God, it’s rare but it still exists today. Sometimes you find that certain brothers/sisters seem to have a supernatural understanding of your situation and can relate to you instantly. That is God using them to teach, comfort and tell you what to do. =)

There are many more methods but I got something on tomorrow, tired….perhaps age catches up?

But seeing Huanyan and Robert today was comforting, seeing Huanyan now as a committed Christian (not that I’ve known him in his pre-believing state) is a testimony of how so much potential can be unleashed by sowing on people through Jesus. Robert shared that he used to go for supper with HY and just spent time with him; sharing bout God. I don’t think he would have expected HY to grow and become strong in apologetics/theology and even moving on to Missions in JAPAN.

Oh, so much that GOD can do! Btw, when pASTor Jeff was talking about power sockets, I suddenly thought of Nuclear Power plants LOL!

Ermm, back to the point, God can unleash so much gifting and talents in you…if only you submit and walk in His will! Amen!

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Soon it will end

As of now, I have completed 1year and 5months of National Service. I’ll be looking forward to embark on a new journey in 5 months time. Indeed, when I look back, I see that I’m a completely different person. Though, Spiritually, my beliefs and views about God have not changed,  the way I perceive and react to people and things changed dramatically.

One of the brothers from the NS ministry said this, I quote:”The 2 years or 1 year 10 months will come, but when you hold your pink IC and look back. Will you say that NS made you a better person, or will you say that you wasted 2years of your time?”. What an enlightening statement! The fact is; what ever you say will probably be true. When you hold such a bitter grudge towards your NS stint, you’ll probably be unwilling to grow and adapt to situations.

Personally, I used to hate NS, in my mind I kept thinking:”If I didn’t have to serve, I’ll probably be able to study and do the things I like.”, but during the time I was in it, I got to learn extensively! I see things from a bigger picture now! I grew to see how important hard-work and perseverance was. How working as a team and leading well can make things done faster.Also, in the past when I watched movies like Rambo, Navy Seals…etc I thought those in the front-line of battle were so COOL! But now, I realized that without the Store man and Driver the commandos/special forces personnel will most definitely lose the war!

Not everyone on the stage is the hero, sometimes it’s better to keep a low profile! Fame can ruin a person! Hollywood showed us many examples. It is easy for a man to make a decision, but what comes after it, whether consequences or blessings may not be within his control!

Oh ya! With regards to the recent Hike in Taxi Fares, contrary to what the majority of Singaporeans feel, I thought it was rather reasonable. I know that as a nation, we like to rant and complain, but that will certainly not help. We must learn to look at things from a bigger perspective. Fossil fuel is running out, with floods and natural disaster everywhere; food prices are going up.  Logically and naturally, with everything going up, the prices of transport will go up. For more than 10 years Cab fares remained the same till circumstances caused it to hike. It is not right to blame the government and cry father /mother.

Monetary Policies were kept in place to keep Singapore growing at a sustainable rate. Take a look at Japan, Switzerland or even our closest neighbor; Hongkong! I believe that if you really put in the effort, you can survive and even thrive in Singapore!

This brings about another subject, I REALLY REALLY REALLY hate it when people complain, but after their spectacular rants, they are not willing to bring about change or know what kind of measures to take. I also don’t like it when people become lazy without a good reason. It’s practically life sucking!

I think sometimes it’s better to keep certain comments to ourselves unless there is a need or way to make things better.


Signing off,

Elvis Elijah Wan

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I’m 22???

I don’t really see anything special in my birthdays anymore, I think there were only a few birthdays that were particularly meaningful. My 1st,12,18,20 and 21st were the only formative years. Personally I think that it’s not the date of birth that makes a person wiser or more powerful, unless, your talking about Constitutional laws. Yes, age can allow a person to make more choices; buying cigarettes, watching R21 movies or visiting  places prohibited from minors.On the contrary, age is not the primary cause in a person’s decision making, thought process or way of doing things. I’ve met people who are older than myself but act like little brats, I’ve also met younger people who are so sensible that I thought they were in their late twenties.

Every year I’ll ask myself this question:”I’m suppose to be this age biologically, but am I living the way I should in this particular age?”. Sometimes, the answer is positive, sometimes it’s negative but I know that God will shape me according to His heart desire. A fish is made to swim and a bird to fly, so what’s my purpose? I’ll find out soon!


Time, Time is such an abstract subject. Initially, I have to admit that the experience was not as good as I had imagined. Every moment I was galvanized into action! “Fall in, knock it down! Move, Faster!”. I experienced something which most NS serving males have felt before.  It seemed to me that Time was STATIC! Chaos! For everything happened so fast before I could rationalize!

I realized that God created the seasons to be in a certain Order, so that we will not freak out. Humans are able to adapt to change, but if that change was to come too soon, it may be difficult, very difficult!

Soon, I was able to calm myself down and make sense of the perpetual discontinuity of the events.I knew I  have to let go of all my fears and worries, to kneel before Him, proclaim Him as King and allow Him to take over. Once I let go; I let God! God becomes my only CONSTANT in the running streams of irregularities. No more over-reacting to situations whatever it may be.To perceive things for what they really are.If I have so much work to do that I have to stay til 9PM, then so be it. If I have to stay in camp for training and am unable to go home, so be it.

As long as I have GOD with me, even 2 hours of Guard Duty can be enjoyable!

Our experiences will ultimately shape us

Now, it seem to me that time is flowing, no longer static and arbitrary. In fact, time is flowing away too fast. Have you been to a beach? When you grab a handful of sand with your palm, some will leak away, soon all will just leak through the gaps of your palm. Similarly, time is constantly flowing away and there is nothing to hold it back (unless, you were to design some sort of time machine). So, I propose that we should enjoy good times to the fullest, to cry at the lowest and reflect in difficulty. There is always a choice. We can just choose to let matters go or, ask the correct questions to prevent and solve them. To be daring enough to ask :”Is it really my fault? Have I done enough? Was it proper?”. I assure you that you’ll find many things you do irrational and meaningless. Don’t be discouraged!

Every Single moment that your still breathing and living; is God’s 2nd chance for you!

I thank GOD that my department in Pasir Ris camp is really filled with really good people. People who are responsible and get things done properly! Tentatively, as a Signal Store 2 IC my job is done, my NS life is basically just waiting for my service to end. Everything is done and put into place! The understudies are posting in soon and it will make things even easier. That’s why I’ve been doing a lot of heavy reading, immersing myself in various subjects. I hope to finish at least half of my library by my ORD in May!


I think the good thing about NS is the formulation and execution of systems. I’ve learned about flow charts and algorithms but NS is where i see them being applied! Everything has a system! From planting churches to a billion dollar business; there is a need for systems to be  created and run by capable people.

I was hooked on creating them in my personal life, things like tagging and arranging my clothes to brushing my teeth. Yes! I have a system to brush my teeth!

I’ve seen the fruits of implementing systems, I get to have more sleep in the morning through creating a set of algorithms which start from the moment I wake up till I get out of the home. It takes me only 15-20 mins(breakfast,brush,bath,uniform,boots,rush to a bus stop), I even changed the way I bath lol to be efficient! I get more for less!

I believe that GOD wants me to learn how to create and use systems to extend His kingdom in my unique way!


I think most of my close friends and acquaintances will know that I am an eccentric fellow, even when I was in Primary school people thought that I was different. I don’t act the way normal people do, my thought processes and reaction to things are different. I actually realized long ago that the things I did or am about to do will leave an impinging effect on people, whether positive or negative, it’s subjective haha!

I think normal people do normal things but Extraordinary people do extraordinary things! People like Bill gates, Tesla, Frued, Einstein, Laplace(…etc) were considered to be eccentric but they managed to do exceptional things!

By the way if you don’t think I’m weird, or if I use a gentler word, if you don’t think I’m different; then your probably as eccentric as myself hahaha! Crazy and Crazy = Neutralization!

I know that God can use the “difference” in me to make significant differences! =)


As I grow older, money automatically becomes an issue. I will want to analyze and espouse on this. So what does money mean to me?

A few years ago, I read that Money is a concept. My friends, the truth is; there is actually no real value behind that polymerized paper. In other words, it is only the person that gives it the value, the paper itself is just a tool used in an economic environment.

In ancient times, people used salt, rocks and rice as currency, it was supposed to help make life better with the high quality food and tools you can get from it. But then again, why is it that such a concept is able to bind and imprison so many people?

Someone shared with me that money is a magnifier, if your a good person, having lots of money will allow you to do more good and if your a bad person, money will allow you to pursue evil. I propose a more complete theory, money though filled with magnifying properties, it can also provide so many alternatives that one will begin to love it, 1 Timothy 6:10 states that :”For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil“,having money is not wrong but loving it will often lead to ruin.

From Christianity I learned an interesting fact, the Kernel theory

John 12:24
Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.

When put into proper context, it simply means if you horde money; it’s like stagnant water, it will grow dengue causing mosquitoes. But, if you spread it, it will start to grow and sprout in many places.

Matthew 13:12

New International Version (NIV)

12 Whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.

The people who have, GOD can work on it and grow it to bless. If you don’t even have anything there’s nothing to work on in the first place. Einstein said that 8th wonder of the world was Compound interest! Though GOD can create something out of nothing(if you understand theology and read  lane Craig’s work, you will find that after GOD created and set things on it’s course, He can, but does not often interfere with the processes).

His advice is that we should save, grow it, bless and be blessed!

I extracted many timeless principles from the Bible through God =) Indeed, it’s such a treasure!

Wherever you money is spent , your heart will be. For me, I only spend on FOOD! Food for the body ,food for the soul and food for the mind! I spend my money on Books,Meals and Church. I also spend on call cards, as I call my Susanna dear once every few days.

But recently as I started taking some lessons, I’ve started to spend quite a bit but I will have to stop by next year, I’m planning to take some time off in Sydney again.


I want to thank God for all His blessings and even His reproaches are ever so meaningful to me. With Him, there’s always so much purpose and things to learn =)

I may not be the best person or Christian but I know that I’m still in midst of being completed, so be patient! Time and the will which surrenders to God will change a person. Every day is a process =)

So I wish myself a happy birthday! May I grow wiser not according to the date which I’m born in but through walking CLOSELY with GOD!

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Some thoughts of a realist

I think I might have just “cursed” myself into having a fever and asthma attack! A few days ago, I was thinking to myself:”WOW! It’s nice to be so healthy; I haven’t taken any MCs for the past 4 months. I wonder how it’s like to be sick again!”. BOOM! I had a fever of 39 Degrees on Friday which subsided to 38 degrees. I thank God that, actually my rate of recovery is quite desirable as usually such symptoms will take 4-5 days to taper away.

My visit to Changi Hospital was an interesting one. As most of you know, erm I’m referring to those NSFs or people who enjoy queuing, JOKES =) ; that Poly-Clinics are closed on SAT and Sundays! So, I had to go to the Hospital.

Initially I had thought that it will most likely take 1-2 hours tops but it took me 5 hours!

When I  walked into A&E, the nurse took my temperature with a reading of 37.8 degrees, I was lead to an enclosed area, which in a sensewas rather reticent for me. When I opened the door, a very familiar sight appeared before me! It had occurred to me that 90 percent of the patients were TEKONG RECRUITS!

I went ahead with the registrations and preliminary checks. Sitting in the middle of the recruits and reading Sigmund Freud, I could not only read about how Freud’s brand of psychology revolved around SEX, I had also overheared the recruits discussing about the art of  “kenging”(malingering). But, I judge them not, I understand that such practices are common as certain events like Field camps can make normal people crazy and crazy people like me even crazier! Anyways I waited half an hour for the Doctor.

I totally didn’t expect that the events that was going to take place! LOL ! Subsequently, I was diagnosed with asthma and wheezing cough. No, it’s not the Pokemon Weezing but rather, a type of sound or symptom that is predominant in asthma patients.

I was then given nebulizer treatment for 45 mins! After the treatment. I waited for another 2 hours as the doctor wanted to see if I’m doing well. She asked me some question which I think I  over-analyzed LOL! She simply asked me if I was breathless and my answer was:”Mdm,what is ur definition of breathless?Ur question is rather empirical,I don’t trust my senses cuz of the fever”(I would rather be tested using a “concrete” method.Thermometers,Heart rate meters and weighing machines cannot lie but emotions can).Doc:”Haha, I understand emotions are subjective but your thinking too deeply”

I knew I was thinking too much……..Sigh………Mid life crisis? NAH!

1) Influx of foreigners

I had a weird idea, actually I have many weird ideas! I was thinking that if I’m put in charge of immigration and handling immigrants. I willactually ALLOW more FEMALES to be citizens as compared to males and the homo-sexual counterparts. In ancient times of war, many which you can read in history books, when a country wins a war and besieges another country, they will kill and imprision the males but leave the females alone. Of course, I’m not talking about genocide and killing foreigners but rather asking the question WHY did the ancients do that?

The question is simple! Biologically, that will make much sense! When the females are left alone and treated well they will be integrated into the new Establishment. Personally I believe that women should be treated with respect. The stories that I’ve read are cruel and disgusting! But anyways, the principle is that, the women will marry the males of the new power and they will in turn boast the population rate.

I think, if more foreign women are integrated into Singapore, although that itself may not necessary boast the rate of marriage or population but that can be a variable. My sister asked me :” What if these foreign women are marrying our SG men for the wrong reasons? I.E getting a citizenship”. Being a realist my answer is :”It does not matter, because at the end of the day your example answers itself, the women will still stay in SG!”

Let me set the line straight, I do not condone to Poly-gamy, treating women as objects of inducing babies nor genocide. What I am trying to show, is that, for every 10 foreigner that migrate to SG, letting 6.5 be women will be more productive.

I think what PM Lee said was quite intelligent:”If they stay SG will have more foreign talent, and if they go, we will have global contacts around every corner of the world!”

Am I Pro Pap? I believe that there’s no perfect Establishment except Theocracy but for now, I will go with Pap……..LOL

2) Homosexuality

Well, recently I’m more exposed to the realms of the “curved” way. Don’t worry brothers, I’m not one of them even though I walk among them. There was this movement, “The Pink Dot”. It’s basically a movement that condone to being Gay or Lesbian. The freedom and liberation of admitting to being a gay/lesbian without the prejudice and objections.

To me, whether Evolutionarily,Christianity-wise it’s wrong. I DO not hate the person but I do not agree to the practices and actions. Note: I did not write that religiously it’s wrong because certain religions don’t abhor or withhold sexuality, Thailand has the largest database of Buddhists but prostitution thrives in the same place. Oh the idiosyncrasy!

Ok let me substantiate. I didn’t use the moral argument because I understand that people can twist and turn to make it sound “alright” morally. Just like Logic can be twisted if the premise is wrong. Example : Men are reptiles, reptiles have 4 legs, therefore men have 4 legs!”, logically this statement is valid but is it true? Tell me if you have 4 legs and need to regulate your core temperature =)

Evolutionarily it’s wrong because homosexuals cannot produce children therefore the population is doomed. That is an argument evolutionists and atheists used to debate against Theists.

Christianity wise…..God made us men and women. Some gay christians debated and used David and Jonathan’s(not the same David and Jonathan from Hope Church, one of them is attached, and to a beautiful godly woman) example to plead their cause. I think that argument has a lot of loopholes. No where in the bible did it state that they were gay.

My main contention, once again is that I don’t hate the man or woman but the practices.

3) Building people

 People who can think 5 heard ahead of time build Condos and Sky Scrapers. People who can think 10 years ahead of time build Iphones, Computers and Ipads. But people who can think 100 years into the future build other people!

Jesus Christ is one such man! You can deny Jesus is God, you can deny His teachings but you CANNOT deny His impact on the world, and the thing is; man oh man, I don’t have the faith to be an atheist! I’m extremely impressed by teachers and care leaders! They are the ones that impact the future. If my bible knowledge is correct, Jesus said that we are going to do even BIGGER things! Amen!


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Well, recently I’ve taken up a couple of different sports as I felt my weekly routines were quite mundane. I wanted something more challenging to the body.Oh,  I was also reading this book by Psychologist Rob Yeung ( it talks about how certain people succeed in their respective fields. Why is it that some insurance agents can make millions in sales every year while others fail so miserably. Why is it that people may have the same qualifications and age but have results that are so diverse.

Rob Yeung went on to explain the different qualities which made the “winners” win. One of the things mentioned was building a T-Shaped mind, meaning one should expose oneself to a variety of fields then use those skills to benefit your own discipline.

For example, a marathon runner can take up weight lifting; which is completely another skill set. But then, the marathon runner can build stronger muscles which in turn improves his performance in running! I think it applies even in our relationship with GOD. I suppose that there must be people in this world that take up medicine because they are so amazed at how God made the human system. These people study at how our body works and from there they know how intricate God’s designs are, and that He mean good for us.

We always hear from our Pastors that God can use every experience in our lives for His glory. I think it is actually literal haha! =) So I thought to myself:”Hey since I’ve been quite fat recently, why not try something different”. I took up Kettlebells and Filipino martial arts. Kettlebells is efficient as it trains the cardiovascular and muscle-skeletal systems simultaneously, and I’m a person that hates to waste time; or in a bad way you could say that I’m lazy. Kali was taken up because it has always been my childhood dream to do martial arts.

I was surprised to see that both  could actually complement each other. And both experiences made me know GOD from another perspective. But there were also times which I thought that I spent too much time on these interests. Everything will fade away but treasures which are stored shall always stay. Where ever your eyes are set upon is where ever your heart is. So I’ve repented and “toned-down” my time in Sports haha!

When I was reading Rob Yeung’s book, I was thinking of how I could use this principles to multiply the NS ministry. But the Spirit told me not to, because salvation comes not through my human efforts but by HIS grace! Hallelujah! I repented again! The Spirit encouraged me deeply by revealing this, I know that if God want to carry out His plans. Plans of Salvation, Blessing, Work…etc He SHALL carry it out no matter what.

I know that if God wants me to share His gospel to someone, even if that person runs away or avoids the topic. I know that I don’t have to chase after him or force it. If God wills, NOTHING can stop Him =) Sometimes I think we Christians are trying too Hard. No, I’m not saying that our passion in extending His kingdom should be dwindled. What I am implying is doing what He wants then back off.

God brought to my mind 1Samuel14-15, when Saul went against God’s instructions and took initiative for the wrong reasons. The Chinese have a saying for this, ” 自作主张“ or in Singlish:”Kay kiang”. We can have passion, we can have the desire to want to serve and do His will. But, we have to listen =) because God’s word is powerful, my shepherd was sharing this verse from Isaiah

Isaiah 55:11

New International Version (NIV)

11 so is my word that goes out from my mouth:
   It will not return to me empty,
but will accomplish what I desire
   and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.

It applies to us as well, God can carry out what He wants even if we run away! Read Jonah =) Sometimes we don’t have to know why, we just need to do.

Well, it’s 7 mths to ORD! See you =)

I’m tired but I know…Your will be done!

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